Western Life

Western Life

Escape the city for a weekend and enjoy some good old-fashioned country fun!

The Paintearth Region, east of Red Deer, offers visitors a chance to step away from their TV’s, laptops and phones, and step into a real life western. Albertans are invited to enjoy a weekend or two with down-to-earth cowboys at small town rodeos.

You’ll be so close that you can see the sweat on the cowboy’s brows as they work to best the bulls. Enjoy the sun on your neck while the dust sweeps around you as you watch the rodeo action. And after a day in the stands, you can relax under the stars – far from city lights. 

Paintearth opens its arms to invite Albertans of all ages to come explore the Western way of life.

Step into a real life western

Paintearth Rodeo Weekends

Hit the highway for a Paintearth rodeo weekend!

Explore some of Alberta’s badlands with their endless skies, rolling hills and so much room to breathe. With four fast-paced rodeos spread throughout the summer, Paintearth offers Albertans the opportunity to plan a summer adventure in their own backyard. Explore everything we have to offer.

Paintearth Rodeos - 2023

June 23: Castor Rodeo
August 11: Coronation Royal Rumbull Bullarama
August 26: Halkirk Elks Bullarama
September 8-9: Coronation Pro Rodeo