Council Committees and Appointments

County of Paintearth No. 18 Council Committees/Appointments - 2022/2023

Organizational Meeting - Oct 18, 2022

Div 1 George Glazier 403.578.2050/403.575.1165
Div 2 Dale Norton 403.740.3487
Div 3  Stan Schulmeister, Reeve 403.882.2422/403.741.7217
Div 4  Terry Vockeroth 403.323.0534
Div 5  Maurice Wiart, Deputy Reeve 403.742.9878
Div 6  Sandy Shipton 403.741.8571
Div 7  Diane Elliott  403.578.4082/403.575.7244

Agricultural Service Board (ASB): All Councillors (4-year term), Members at Large – Dan Bunbury (Oct/23), Dale Pilsworth (Oct/23), Chairman – M. Wiart, Vice-Chairman – S. Schulmeister
Assessment Review Board: T. Vockeroth, Tom Coppock (Oct/23), Dionne Elliott (Oct/23), Tony Nichols (Oct/23), Marilyn Weber (Oct/23), Clerk – Chief Administrative Officer, M. Simpson (June/25)
Emergency Management Advisory Committee: D. Elliott, T. Vockeroth, Director Emergency Management - T. Pawsey and Deputy Director Emergency Management – M. Simpson
Fire Intermunicipal Committee: D. Norton, S. Schulmeister, S. Shipton, M. Wiart, Chief Administrative Officer - M. Simpson
Mine Liaison Committee: G. Glazier, S. Schulmeister, T. Vockeroth, Chief Administrative Officer - M. Simpson, Development Officer – T. Pawsey
Municipal Planning Commission: D. Elliott, G. Glazier, S. Schulmeister, M. Wiart, Development Officer – T. Pawsey
Negotiating Committee: G. Glazier, S. Schulmeister, S. Shipton, Chief Administrative Officer – M. Simpson, Assistant CAO – L. Roth
Weed & Ag Pests Appeal Committee: Jaron Bye (Dec/22), Walter Pickles (Dec/22), Loren Rodvang (Dec/22), Marilyn Weber (Dec/22)


Alberta Rural Transportation Committee: D. Elliott, G. Glazier, M. Wiart
Alliance Seed Cleaning Plant: M. Wiart, D. Norton (Alternate)
Battle River Alliance for Economic Development (BRAED): S. Schulmeister, T. Vockeroth (Alternate)
Battle River Economic Opportunities Committee (BREOC): G. Glazier, S. Shipton (Alternate)
Battle River Research Group: S. Schulmeister
Battle River Watershed Alliance: T. Vockeroth
Brownfield Recreation Centre: D. Elliott
Castor & District Community Bus Society: M. Wiart
Castor & District Family & Community Support Services (FCSS): S. Shipton, Member At Large - Brenda Hepp (Oct/24)
Castor & District Housing Authority: G. Glazier, S. Shipton
Castor & District Museum Society: S. Shipton
Castor & District Recreation Board: D. Norton
Castor, Consort, Coronation & Area Doctor Recruitment/Retention Committee: G. Glazier, Member At Large - B. Hepp
Castor Doctor Recruitment/Retention Committee: D. Norton, M. Wiart, Member At Large - B. Hepp
Castor Municipal Library Board: S. Shipton
Coronation & District Community Bus Society: D. Elliott
Coronation & District Recreation Board: D. Elliott
Coronation & District Seniors’ Housing Authority: G. Glazier, Chief Administrative Officer – M. Simpson
Coronation & District Support Services Board (CDSS): D. Elliott, G. Glazier, Members At Large – Brian Bunbury (Oct/24), Vacant (Oct/24)
Coronation Doctor Recruitment/Retention Committee:  G. Glazier, D. Norton, Member At Large – Dionne Elliott (Oct/24), Member At Large – B. Hepp (Oct/24)
Coronation Memorial Library Board: D. Elliott
Coronation Reg. Health Services (Assisted Living): D. Elliott, G. Glazier
Coronation Seed Cleaning Plant Board: D. Norton, M. Wiart (Alternate)
Coronation/Consort Victim Services Committee:  S. Shipton
East Central Alberta Destination Marketing Fund (DMF) Committee: D. Norton
East Central Ambulance Association: G. Glazier, D. Norton, S. Shipton, Treasurer, Chief Administrative Officer – M. Simpson
East Central 911 Call Answer Society:  G. Glazier, S. Schulmeister
Fleet Community Association Committee: D. Norton
Halkirk & District Recreation Board: T. Vockeroth
Paintearth & Neutral Hills Family – Community Connection: D. Elliott
Paintearth Community Adult Learning Council:  D. Elliott
Paintearth Economic Partnership Society (PEPS):  D. Elliott, G. Glazier, S. Schulmeister, T. Vockeroth (Alternate), Treasurer, Chief Administrative Officer – M. Simpson
Paintearth Regional Waste Management Ltd. (PRWM): S. Shipton, M. Wiart, Secretary Treasurer, Chief Administrative Officer – M. Simpson
Palliser Regional Municipal Services Board:  D. Norton, G. Glazier (Alternate)
Parkland Regional Library Board: S. Shipton, D. Elliott (Alternate)
Regional Subdivision & Development Appeal Board Members: D. Norton, T. Vockeroth, (Vacant X2 Member at Large to be filled)
Shirley McClellan Regional Water Services Commission (SMRWSC): T. Vockeroth, M. Wiart (Alternate)
Veterans Memorial Highway Association: D. Norton, D. Elliott (Alternate)
Waste Connections of Canada Landfill Liaison Committee: G. Glazier