Planning, Development + Industry

Planning, Development + Industry


Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)

The County’s MPC normally meets monthly and is the body charged with the County’s Land Use Bylaw (LUB) administration as well as all developments such as subdivision approvals and development permits.

Monthly meetings are open to the public and are listed below, along with previously approved minutes from earlier meetings. To request an item be placed on the agenda, please contact the Development Officer no later than the Friday preceding the meeting date.

View MPC Minutes

Crowfoot Crossing Industrial Subdivision Opportunities

The County of Paintearth has developed and serviced prime industrial lands located at the heavily trafficked intersection of HWYs 36 and 12.

The information package here contains the layout of lots sold and remaining, as well as the Land Use Bylaw zoning and development regulations for the lands.

For any inquiries please contact the Director of Community Services.

View Crowfoot Crossing website

Fleet - Lots for Sale

$18,900 + GST

The County has recently subdivided the lands south of Railway Ave into 8 parcels for sale, with the lots each being approximately 1.2 ac in size.

Currently unserviced, the lots have power and gas utilities to the property lines, and are large enough for septic fields.  Water is being considered as municipal supply, or options of cisterns and hauling, or wells.

The layout and subdivision dimensions are shown on the diagrams provided, and a sample lot purchase agreement is provided for your information.

For more information or to discuss a potential purchase, please call the Planning and Development department at the County administration office 403-882-3211 or email the Director of Community Services

Land Purchase Agreement

Fleet Survey Plan

Fleet Subdivision Map

Land Use Bylaw 698-21

The County’s LUB has been recently updated after a year and half of public engagement and consultation, and contains significant changes from the previous LUB.  The new LUB (linked below) is the overall regulation and guide for developing lands contained within the County boundaries. All uses, subdivisions, and development procedures and regulations are defined by land use districts for certain areas within the County.  It is to provide sound and orderly development within the guidelines as developed and authorized by County Council and the Municipal Development Plan. Anyone wishing to purchase or develop land within the County is encouraged to become familiar with the regulations contained within.  The County prides itself on being an open and accessible development environment, thereby enabling our residents and farming communities to prosper and enjoy rural living.

View Land Use Bylaw 698-21

Access Approach Approvals

County of Paintearth No. 18 Policy No. 620 regulates access/approach applications within the County.

Oil Companies and Land Surface Companies are required to forward their request to construct or utilize an existing approach to the County Development Officer.

Every Access Approach Application must include:
a. $300.00 application fee per access approach requested (including GST).
b. Legal Land Location.
c. Site Survey and sufficient application details required to process the request.
d. Notification that the approach has been properly identified and is ready for inspection by County personnel. Physical identifiers of the proposed or existing approach must be visible during inspection or the application will be denied.

Notification of approval or denial is forwarded to the Oil Company/Surface Land Company in writing via fax with the original application and approval/denial filed for reference.

Applications that are approved must meet a number of criteria to ensure the safety of the traveling public and the condition of the road allowance is satisfactory. County personnel inspect access approach approvals (and those denied) to ensure the stated conditions are met.

Development Fees

Development Permit Fee Structure

Fee Not Required: (as long as setbacks are meet, otherwise are $200 discretionary)

  • Ag buildings solely for ag use (barns, shops, bins, etc)
  • Reno’s not altering structure, most fences
  • Decks, dugouts, Accessory buildings in hamlets less than 100 sq ft

Development permit applications:

  • $100 Permitted use - General Guidelines:  any permitted use for that district according to the LUB and meets the setback requirements (if not meeting setback, then $200 discretionary).
  • $200 Discretionary use (Residential) - General Guidelines:  any use that does not meet the permitted use category, or does not meet the required setbacks and are requesting a variance.
  • $400 Discretionary use (commercial/industrial) - General Guidelines:   any application that does not come in from a farming operation, personal residential site, or is from a company or corporation.   Uses may vary widely and may be in many different land use districts.
  • $50 Home Occupation

Land Use Bylaw copy  $25
Municipal Development Plan copy  $25
Re-Zoning Application Fee - LUB amendment  $300
Subdivision and Dev Appeal Fee  $400

Compliance Certificates:

  • $100 Non-inspected
  • $300 Inspected

Palliser Regional Municipal Services Building Permits Fee Information

Oilfield Applications + Fees

Oilfield Applications

Project Notifications - n/c
Approach requests and Pipeline Crossings  $300
Seismic Explorations on County Lands or ROWS  $300
Proximity requests  n/c – done with approach requests

Pipeline - Road Allowance Crossing

County of Paintearth No. 18 Policy No. 695 regulates pipeline – road allowance crossing applications within the County. Section 39(1) of the Alberta Pipeline Act states: “No pipeline shall be constructed on, across, over or under a road without the approval of the local authority concerned”.

Oil Companies and Land Surface Companies are required to forward their pipeline crossing requests  to the County Development Officer. All local Gas Co-op facilties are exempt from the fees within County Policy No.695.

Every Pipeline – Road Allowance Request must include:
a. $300.00 application fee per road allowance crossing request (including GST).
b. Legal Land Location (s).
c. Site Survey and sufficient application details required to process the request.
d. Notification that the road allowance crossing request has been properly identified and is ready for inspection by County personnel. Physical identifiers of the proposed road allowance crossing request must be visible during inspection or the request will be denied.

Notification of request approval or denial is mailed to the respective Oil Company in writing. Approved crossing requests require a Pipeline Crossing Agreement be entered into prior to commencement of construction between the Oil Company and the County of Paintearth No. 18. All requests and corresponding agreements or denials are filed for reference.

Pipeline Agreements involve a number of criteria and obligations that must be adhered to by both parties for the protection of the traveling public and to ensure the condition of the road allowance is satisfactory. County personnel inspect Pipeline Crossings to ensure the conditions of the pipeline agreement entered into are met.

Bylaws, Forms + Plans

The County has listed below a number of Bylaws, Forms and Plans including the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) for your understanding of planning decisions and the County’s regulatory framework.

Also found on the Documents section in this website, is a listing of policies which may also play into Planning and Development decisions.  For example, Section D Roads and Policy #735 indicate the County process for developing in areas where there may not be developed road allowances or proper access, and the developer may be required to cost share road construction costs.

The majority of Planning decisions follow the LUB as it is the County’s regulatory planning document which also enables our enforcement of decisions and development conditions.  Being familiar with your District zoning, or other specific regulations will make your development project proceed smoothly, and hopefully reduce any negative impacts/experiences with other area neighbours and residents.

Good luck with your development projects, and please contact the Director of Community Services at any time for assistance.

Seismic Operations

Seismic requests are granted access to public roads in accordance with Alberta Regulation 214/98. Access is administered at the time when the Geophysical Company requests signing off of the Notice of Commencement of Seismic Operations document at the County Office. Acting under authority of Section 7 and Section 8 of the Municipal Government Act, County of Paintearth No. 18 Policy No.740 regulates seismic operations including drilling and receiving of data within the County. The purpose of County Policy No. 740 is to:
• facilitate requests for seismic activities on right of ways and county properties in a manner that protects road surfaces, right of ways and county property from damages.
• establish a mechanism to regulate, collect fees, enforce and repair damages to right of ways and county properties that may result from seismic activities.

Geophysical Companies are required to use right of ways and county properties or take action, if necessary, to repair damages to roads, right of ways, and county properties and address any associated costs. Conditions that seismic operators must adhere to are specified using the Seismic Operations Approval For Access To County Roads, Right-of-Ways and County Property Approval Form that outlines terms, conditions and applicable fees pertaining to the approval.

Geophysical Companies shall provide written notice to the County not more than 24 hours after removal of all crews and exploration equipment used in the conduct of the exploration program in accordance with Section 28 of the Exploration Regulations. Geophysical Companies must report any road, road allowance and property damage as soon as possible to the County Public Works Superintendent or his designates. Where deficiencies exist, Geophysical Companies may be permitted to repair damages or the County will repair the damage with County forces and the geophysical company shall be invoiced accordingly.

Subdivision Procedures

Planning, Development & Utilities Services provides a variety of services pertaining to the management of growth and development of the County's rural land base.

These services include the preparation and implementation of statutory plans, and the review and processing of development related applications.


Palliser Regional Municipal Services provides us with service for Planning and Subdivisions. New subdivisions must be approved by the subdivision approving authority. Palliser Regional Municipal Services (P.R.M.S.) is the designated subdivision approving authority for the Palliser Region.

A subdivision is any division of land into two or more parcels in which to:
• create separate title
• legitimatize part interest in a parcel for a lease, sale, mortgage or certain easements.

Only the registered landowner of the land, or an authorized person acting on his/her behalf, may apply for subdivision approval. This authorized person may be a surveyor, lawyer, planning consultant or future landowner.

Planning, Development + Industry FAQs

I want to install a road approach. Is permission required?

Approvals are required prior to installation of road approaches on municipal roads. Forward your request for permission to install a road approach to the County of Paintearth in writing to Box 509 Castor, AB, and T0C 0X0 or contact the Development Officer at (403) 882-3211 to obtain additional information. An application fee of $200.00 is due and payable at the time of application.

What is the subdivision procedure in the County of Paintearth?

Palliser Regional Municipal Services is the Subdivision and Development Authority for the County Paintearth. Applications are made to Palliser Regional Municipal Services. Please print the application form, and forward the application along with the appropriate fee to the address below.

Print the application form
Application Fees

Palliser Regional Municipal Services
115 Palliser Trail
P.O. Drawer 1900
Hanna, Alberta
T0J 1P0

Telephone: 403 854-3371
FAX: 403 854-4684
Toll Free: 1 877 854-3371

I want to build a new house and garage, do I need a permit?

Yes. Development Permits are required for a building or an addition to, or replacement or repair of a building, a change of use of land or a building, or the change in the intensity of land or building. For further information on the Land Use Bylaw contact the Development Officer at (403) 882-3211 or E-mail Todd Pawsey, Development Officer or print the permit application using Adobe Reader.  If you need to download the reader, click on the link in the border at the right.

Contact Planning, Development + Industry

Todd Pawsey, Director Community Services
P: 403.882.3211
C: 403.740.3527