H2 Wind Project

H2 Wind Project - Increased Traffic

Please be advised that there will be increased gravel truck traffic along TR400 between RR152 and RR151 on October 18 + 19 due to the ongoing construction in the area.

H2 Wind Project - Construction of Temporary Laydown Yard

Please be advised that Borea Construction has begun mobilizing equipment for the construction of the temporary laydown yard.

Large, heavy equipment will be moving through the area over the next few months, while base/preliminary construction for the H2 - Wind Project starts to take shape.

H2 Wind Project - Development Permit Applications Approved

Notice is hereby given that the following Development Permit Applications have been approved:

DP2320          Capital Power H2 Wind Project    NW4-40-15-W4      Meteorological Tower
DP2321 – 53  Capital Power H2 Wind Project    Various lands*        31 - 5 MW Wind Turbines

** Click HERE for a list of turbines + sites **
** Click HERE for the permits and conditions**

Any person claiming to be affected by such decision may appeal by giving Notice in writing not later than 4:00 p.m., September 1 2023 to: 

Land and Property Rights Tribunal
2nd Floor, Summerside Business Centre
1229 91 Street SW, Edmonton, Alberta  T6X 1E9

Dated: August 10, 2023

Todd Pawsey, Director of Community Services