H2 Wind Project


Project Update

The temporary construction laydown area continues to be busy with contractors mobilizing. The collector cable installation subcontractor is now mobilized, and the concrete batch plant needed for the turbine foundations has also been mobilized. Borea continues to mark collector line bore crossings with stakes and performing blind sweeps for buried facilities along collector line routes.

Borea Career Fair

At peak construction later this summer, there will be approximately 300 to 350 workers needed. Our Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contractor, Borea Construction is hosting a career fair in Stettler to recruit workers on Thursday, April 18 from 10 am to 4 pm. Capital Power and Borea desire to hire locally to the extent possible. For more information about the career fair, see Borea’s advertisement above.

H2 Wind Project - Oversize Load

Please be advised that an oversize load/delivery will be travelling west on TR400 + north on RR151 to the Goldeye 602S Substation located on SW 12-40-15-W4.
  • The delivery is scheduled to occur Tuesday, March 5th between the hours of 9:00am and 10:00am.
  • The delivery will be accompanied by pilot vehicles and is expected to leave Killam at 8:00am and arrive at the intersection of HWY36 and TR400 at approx. 9:00am.

Avoid the area when travelling or plan an alternate route. Temporary traffic disruptions may occur and expect delays. Please drive with caution and move over to allow the oversize load to safely pass. Follow the instructions of pilot vehicles and on-site-personnel.

H2 Wind Project - December Update

Borea Construction and Rising Edge Group completed gravel hauls on November 25.

Borea has demobilized from the site for the winter and will return in the spring to resume civil construction activities.

Rising Edge will continue construction of the Goldeye 620S Substation throughout the winter. Their work is concentrated in the SW-12-40-15-W4M.

Overall construction traffic will be minimal throughout the winter. Equipment deliveries for the substation will use TWP Rd 400 and RR 151.

H2 Wind Project - Increased Traffic

Please be advised that there will be increased gravel truck traffic along TR400 between RR152 and RR151 on October 18 + 19 due to the ongoing construction in the area.

H2 Wind Project - Temporary Laydown Yard

Please be advised that Borea Construction has begun mobilizing equipment for the construction of the temporary laydown yard.

Large, heavy equipment will be moving through the area over the next few months, while base/preliminary construction for the H2 - Wind Project starts to take shape.