Ridge Utilities

Ridge Utilities

Did you know that you have options when it comes to choosing who supplies your home with energy? Many Albertans don't realize that they are not limited to large companies such as EPCOR, ENMAX or Direct Energy to supply them with their electricity. The introduction of smaller, Alberta based companies to the market means more opportunities for consumers to save money on their utilities. Ridge Utilities offers variable and fixed energy rates with competitive prices to most locations across Alberta.

The County of Paintearth has joined with Ridge Utilities through their Marketing Associate Program. The County of Paintearth joins a group of forward-thinking municipalities who are looking for new ways to raise revenues outside of property taxes. By joining Ridge Utilities, the County of Paintearth can offer their residents alternative energy pricing, and put revenues back into the community.

“This offering will allow our ratepayers and surrounding community members an affordable alternative, flexible option for electricity services. The addition of new and incremental revenue streams will also help with regional investment back into our communities,” Reeve Stan Schulmeister said.

“Ridge Utilities will complement existing private sector energy marketing offerings in the market and give community minded consumers another option,” noted Scott Donselaar, General Manager of Ridge Utilities. “We are excited about our partnership with the County of Paintearth, as we see they share our vision of offering innovative options to their residents."

Consumers wanting to explore rate offerings and bundles can visit the Ridge Utilities website all the customer support team at (403) 308-8850 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. County of Paintearth customers are encouraged to sign up HERE.