Wind Project Updates

Paintearth Wind Project - Update Feb 24, 2023

Paintearth Wind Project - Update Dec 15, 2022

Starting Sept 17th and continuing through into November, construction and dirt work will be occurring on the Paintearth Wind Project.

Beginning at TR372 and RR152 heavy equipment and construction crews will moving about the area. There will be a lot of signage and activity, please be cautious of the workers.

Be prepared to stop, follow the signage instructions or those of the onsite personnel.

Starting July 25th and continuing approximately to September 19th wind turbines will be delivered to the Garden Plain Wind Project. Deliveries will occur Monday through Saturday during daylight hours.

Wind turbine components will travel north on HWY36 from Cactus Corner to the project location, exiting at several locations. All oversized components will be accompanied by pilot vehicles that will halt traffic in both directions as the components exit HWY36.

Please be prepared to stop and follow the instructions of onsite personnel to ensure the safety of everyone.

The County has held preliminary discussions with TransAlta personnel regarding traffic management for the upcoming Garden Plain Wind Project.

Beginning in early April 2022, traffic in the southern part of the County along HWY 36 will greatly increase with the construction of the turbine sites, concrete foundation pours, followed by the delivery of turbine components.

All updates including specific time details on various project processes will be posted here.

The County thanks the residents and travelers of the region for their patience and cooperation. Anyone wishing to comment or requires further information regarding the traffic plan is welcome to call the Administration Office at 403-882-3211 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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