Paint Recycling

As a registered collection site for paint, Paintearth Regional Waste Management Ltd. provides for the disposal of all types of paint and aerosol paints.

In 2013 over 8,000 litres of paint products were collected and taken by Enviro Sort for recycling. Products include paints, varnish and stains, aerosol paints.

All paint collected is recycled into new paint products. Albertans purchase over 30 million litres of paint and 2 million aerosols each year.

Empty paint cans are not to be placed in the paint recycling but placed in the metal recycling areas.

PRWM operates the paint recycling program under the guidelines set out by Alberta Recycling Management Authority. PRWM is paid $50.00 per tote and $10.00 per barrel of paint and aerosols collected. In addition to the paint recycling program, Paintearth Regional Waste Management Ltd. sponsors a Household Hazardous Materials Round up once a year for residents to properly dispose of household cleaning chemicals and garden type herbicides and insecticides.