Notice: Total Fire Ban

A Total Fire Ban has been imposed effective April 17, 2019 starting at 6:00 a.m. for the County of Paintearth No.18 due to extreme dry conditions.

This Ban:

  • Prohibits the issuance of Fire Permits by the County of Paintearth Fire Guardians
  • Suspends all outstanding Fire Permits issued by the County of Paintearth under the Forest and Prairie Protection Act.
  • Required that all outdoor fires presently burning whether under the authority of a fire permit or not be extinguished immediately.
  • This includes all open fires, camp fires, fires used for cooking or warmth, burning barrels, incinerators and the discharge of fireworks.

This ban does not apply to fires which are contained in cooking and heating appliances which are fueled by liquid (propane or natural gas) fuel.

A person who sets a fire not allowed under this Fire Ban will be responsible for the costs for extinguishing the fire pursuant to County Bylaw 655-17 and may be charged under the Forest and Prairie Protection Act.

For further information contact Colm Fitz-Gerald, Community Peace Officer 403.740.2997 or Administration Office 403.882.3211

Michael Simpson
Chief Administrative Officer


Road Bans


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Contact Community Peace Officer, Colm Fitz-Gerald at 403.740.2997 or 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

Strategic Plan and Public Consultation Summary Results

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2019 Assessment Notices

County of Paintearth No. 18
Province of Alberta

Notice is hereby given in accordance with the provisions of Section 311 of the Municipal Government Act, Statutes of Alberta, 2000, Chapter M-26. The County of Paintearth No. 18 mailed Assessment Notices to all persons appearing on the Assessment Roll as of February 28, 2019.

Any person who desires to object to the entry of his/her name or that of any other person upon the said roll or to the assessed value placed upon any property must lodge his/her complaint(s) in writing and submit to the Clerk of the Assessment Review Board on or before May 28, 2019.

In accordance with the Municipal Government Act and the County of Paintearth No. 18 Schedule of Fees Bylaw, a charge is required for each assessment appeal. The fee is refundable if the Assessment Review Board makes a decision in the favor of the complainant, pursuant to 481(2) of the Municipal Government Act. The Board may refund fees to other complainants at their discretion.

Assessment complaints, with applicable fee, can be forwarded to Michael Simpson, Clerk of the Assessment Review Board of the County of Paintearth No. 18, Box 509, Castor, Alberta T0C 0X0.

All assessed persons are deemed to have received their notice as a result of this publication.  If you have not received an assessment notice for property you own in the County of Paintearth No. 18, please contact the County office at 403-882-3211.

Michael Simpson
Chief Administrative Officer

2% Liquid Strychnine

2% liquid strychnine concentrate will be available for purchase starting March 21, 2019 through the ASB for the 2019 season.

Product will be sold in 250mL bottles of concentrate at a cost of $10.50 each. One bottle will treat 1kg of grain (e.g. a 5 gallon or 12kg pail would require 12 bottles). A min. order of 6, 250mL bottles is required to a maximum of 72 (there are 24 bottles/case).

Pre-orders will not be taken. Pickup at the County shop will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30 am - 12:00 pm, at which time payment will be collected (please bring a cheque). Feel free to call ahead to Trevor at (403)740-9182 for availability.

When picking up product, please come prepared with the following information:

  • Mailing address of purchaser
  • Telephone number of purchaser
  • Home quarter LLD
  • LLD(s) where product will be used
  • Type of field(s) to be treated (crop, forage, or pasture)
  • Approximate infested area of each field type
  • Approximate farm size

If you are picking up product for more than one landowner, please bring the above mentioned information for all landowners.

For more information , please contact Trevor at (403)740-9182.