The following information is to provide a summary of Council meetings from September 2020 and upcoming activities. Further explanations or details can be obtained by contacting the County Administration Office at 403.882.3211.

RFD – Unified Energy 8760 Ltd. - MOVED by Councillor Elliott the County of Paintearth agrees to participate in the fall RMA public tender for electricity for the term Jan. 1, 2022 – Dec. 31, 2025 with Unified Energy 8760 Ltd.

Westmoreland Mining Holdings LLC – Paintearth Mine Proposed Road Network for Closure - MOVED by Councillor Blumhagen that Paintearth Mine understands that after County approval and before the County assumes them back as public roads, the Mine will survey and provide as-built road plans for all PEM Local Roads (these are existing and/or future Mine haul roads that will be left in place, ranging from 9-18 meters in width, conforming to 3:1 side slope and 2m ditch bottom specifications, where applicable) that do not fall within a specified road allowance; and that the County accept this proposal, as presented, from Paintearth Mine by signing and returning to Paintearth Mine.

Request – Yearbook Donation for Theresetta Catholic School - MOVED by Councillor Hewitt that a $30.00 Yearbook Donation for Theresetta Catholic School for the year 2020/2021 be forwarded on behalf of the County of Paintearth.

Team Dunkle – Financial Sponsorship - MOVED by Councillor Hewitt the County donate $500.00 to the Team Dunkle curling team participating in the Alberta U18 Curling Tour as per County Policy 480 Recreation & Community Service Grants.

Thorhild County – Impact of Proposed Assessment Model Changes on Thorhild County - MOVED by Councillor Blumhagen the correspondence received from Thorhild County on the Impacts of Assessment Model Changes on Thorhild County be received as information and filed.

Town of Castor – Criminal Code Amendment - MOVED by Councillor Wiart the correspondence received from the Town of Castor with their resolution passed requesting the federal government to revoke the amendments to the criminal code on May 1, 2020 under an “Order in Council” titled and referred to as “Regulations Amending the Regulations Prescribing Certain Firearms and Other Weapons, Components and Parts of Weapons, Accessories, Cartridge Magazines, Ammunition and Projectiles as Prohibited, Restricted or Non-Restricted: SOR/2020-96”, be received as information and filed.

Woodlands County – Assessment Model Review - MOVED by Councillor Hewitt the correspondence received from Woodlands County on the impacts of the assessment model review changes on Woodlands County be received as information and filed.

Upcoming Council Meetings - October 6, October 13 (Organizational Meeting), October 20, November 10, November 24, December 1, and December 15, 2020, subject to individual change and commencing at 9:00 a.m. Meetings are open to the public and delegations are always welcome. To request a time allotment, please call the office of the CAO. All requests must clearly identify the reason or purpose of the appointment and follow the guidelines as per Section 21 - Delegations of the County’s Procedure Bylaw 681-19.


Todd Pawsey, Director

Slopes stabilization work being done at the Valley Ski Hill to prep for winter season.

The Valley Ski Hill – aided by joint funding from both the County of Paintearth and Flagstaff County – have engaged an alpine terrain contractor to remediate the drainage and instability issues of the ski hill’s runs and terrain.  The work involves contouring, better drainage routes and methodology, and other improvements to the existing snowmaking and lift line runs.

After a couple years of extensive reviewing of options, engineering reports and various consultants and their methods, the ski hill has found a suitable and reputable contractor to perform the work – similar to work he has done on other ski areas ranging from Fort McMurray to Lake Louise.  The work is expected to wrap up in mid October in time for the upcoming winter season.  The VSH has also applied for provincial grant funding to help alleviate the project’s expenses.

Planning Department - Recently approved development permits issued by the County: 


Marc & Charissa Spady

NW 13-39-13 W4

additional farm residence


Dave & Donna Glasier

SE 17-35-11 W4

attached garage

Emergency Management - As fall approaches, there is a lot of dead and dormant grass around the farmyards, and maybe even deadfall in brush stands close to the farmsite. The Alberta FireSmart program helps remind rural farm owners to be cognizant of dry and dead fuel sources for fire, and keep all buildings – shops, barns, wooden sheds, bins, etc. – free from piled up wood debris or dead grasses surrounding them.   Give a final mow of the yard to keep the combustible material down as it may save the yard in the event of a wildfire.   Please check out www.firesmart.ca for more info on how to help reduce risk of your yard or farm going up in smoke!   Thank you.


Colm Fitz-Gerald, Community Peace Officer

Harvest is going well and the way this year has gone, that’s a major plus!!! Please watch your weights when hauling on your County roads as I do not want to be the downer on a bumper year. Everyone has been very good with their weights to date, so keep it up. This is your warning, please watch your loads.

As the crops have been yielding higher than usual yields more grain bags are being used. Remember grain bags can be recycled (contact Kevin McDougall 403-741-7999 for more info) when you are finished with them as you can’t burn them as they are a petroleum product.

I have received reports that oil tankers have been using Twp Rd 352 (Lake Thelma Rd), with the 50% road ban they should not be on there. Please let me know if you see this happening, usually between 9 pm and midnight.

Please have a safe harvest and keep your family safe!

Provincial NON-MEDICAL Disposal Masks ARE STILL AVAILABLE for pickup

The County Administration Office is a distribution centre for the Province’s disbursement of non-medical masks. All Albertans can obtain 8 free disposal masks per person while supplies last.  These masks are for Albertans to use until they can obtain their own masks.

The masks are available, in the entrance of the County Administration Office, #1 Crowfoot Drive, TR 374 & Hwy 12.

Paintearth Regional Waste Management Ltd.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    Kevin McDougall, Supervisor

Paint, Electronic and Household Hazardous Waste Roundup
The Waste Roundup was a huge success. Thanks to all the residents who participated in this year’s roundup.
We also would like to thank the Fire Departments of Halkirk, Castor and Coronation for their assistance in this worthwhile project.


Effective Wednesday, October 14th, 2020
The Halkirk, Castor, Coronation Transfer Stations

Winter Hours of Operation will be as follows:
Wednesdays 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Saturdays 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

If you don’t have an access card, they are available at the Halkirk Transfer Station, Town of Castor, Coronation Transfer Station, County of Paintearth No. 18 Office.

Sort out your Loads and Place in Destinated Locations
Remember to Tarp and Tie-Down Your Loads