Community Engagement


Round 1 is now complete. Click the link to view the Public Summary Report. Round 2 will be in the form of an online survey, as the Covid19 restrictions have made community gatherings at local halls not possible at this time.  Please check back here and watch for our announcement of the survey period in the County website, Facebook, and local papers.  The survey and question material will be the same as what might have been presented at a hall gathering for your input.  Thanks

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you want my input?
Landowners and land users are asked to participate because your experience and values as they pertain to how you interact with the land is an important guide for the County in determining what the future of land development looks like in the County of Paintearth. We want your input so we can work at developing community together.

How will my input be used?
Values and ideas provided by participants will be incorporated into the policy statements in the new Municipal Development Plan; the County’s goal is to produce a document that closely reflects how citizens want lands to be developed.

Input on Land Use Bylaw regulation will be used to provide options for regulatory frameworks. Residents will have the option of voting for the regulations that suit the County’s future land users best.

A number of topics will be presented in the form of multiple choice questions. These questions will be derived from options that were discussed and shared during the first round of consultations.

What is an MDP?
The Municipal Development Plan is a guide that provides future direction on development matters for the entire municipality. Ideally, the plan is created with end-users in mind; landowners, ratepayers, community groups etc. These are the people who will live and work here, and it is their vision of how development should proceed that a carefully prepared plan should consider.

What does a Land Use Bylaw mean to me?
Planning decisions made by the County are based on regulations contained within the Land Use Bylaw. Zoning designations, land uses and enforcement rules are established within the Land Use Bylaw, all of which impact local landowners and potential developers. 

Landowner Values Survey

The Landowner Values Survey can be filled out electronically by following the link below. Once you have completed the the survey, submit it to be included in the thematic maps.

Landowner Values Survey