General Recycling

In the fall of 2011 Paintearth Regional Waste Management Ltd. entered into a contract with CANPAK Environmental to initiate and sustain a general recycling program.

Residents in Halkirk, Castor and Coronation are participating in this worthwhile program. CANPAK Environmental provides the bins and does the pickup every 2nd week at all three locations.

The types of materials being accepted include paper, plastics, metals, glass and cardboard products. Since the start of the program we have remove 35 tonnes of materials annually for recycling. By doing this we are being environmentally responsible as well as saving costs and space to landfills.

All materials collected are transported to Sherwood Park for processing and then on to various manufacturers who use the products.

The cost to have the recycling program for PRWML is $100.00 per bin per pickup.

Our area has overwhelmingly supported the general recycling program and many weeks the bins are overflowing and material has to be placed on the ground due to the amount of recycling materials being brought to the sites.