On-Farm Energy and Solar Program Update

The Farm Energy and Agri-Processing Program shares costs with the agriculture and agri-processing sector on energy efficiency investments. The Program is designed to encourage energy management which will result in cost savings, energy conservation, and ultimately, reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

The Program offers financial support, subject to financial constraint, to applicants who incorporate high efficiency equipment that is identified in the applicable Funding List in their construction and/or retrofitting projects.

For more information about this program you can follow the link Farm Energy and Agri-Processing Program

This program provides funding towards solar photovoltaics on Alberta farms. This enables producers to conserve non-renewable fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions, ultimately reducing the environmental footprint of Alberta's agriculture industry.

The Solar Photovoltaics Program addresses two important industry priorities:

  • Improved environmental stewardship. When producers make investments in clean energy and reduced carbon emissions, they are recognized for their commitment to sustainable practices.
  • Improved energy management. Producers who install photovoltaic systems tend to take a renewed interest in their electricity usage; this leads to additional efficiency investments.

For more information about this program you can follow the link On-Farm Solar Photovoltaics Program

Proposed Strychnine Re-evaluation Decision

County Council at their meeting on September 11th  discussed and reviewed a letter to be sent to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency. The letter stated that the Agricultural Service Board (ASB) requests the registration for Maxim 2% Liquid Strychnine Concentrate (LSC) not be cancelled.  2% LSC is a valuable tool for our farmers as part of their Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs for control of Richardson’s Ground Squirrel (RGS) and needs to be available for farmers to use when needed.

The report lists quite correctly what is wrong with the other chemicals used for RGS control, cost, manpower and/or efficacy. The one reason the Board requests the registration be maintained is that freshly mixed strychnine bait is more effective than ready to use bait.

The Agricultural Service Board is responsible for selling strychnine to its local producers.  This program allows us to educate our farmers IPM programs for RGS and label requirements for strychnine.  These programs ensure farmers are aware of the label requirements to mitigate the chances of poisoning non-target animals.

Strychnine is just one component of an IPM program and the Board requests that the registration be maintained.

Strychnine Review Document

Notice: Fire Ban Lifted

The Fire Advisory for the County of Paintearth has been lifted effective September 11, 2018.
This means that fire permits will be issued. The use of incinerators, campfires, burning barrels and fires for cooking and warmth are now allowed.
We do ask that you continue to take care when burning. As the weather becomes warmer and dryer further restrictions or fire bans may be issued.
For further information contact the Community Peace officer, Calm Fitz-Gerald at 403.740.2997. For fire permits please call the County Administration Office 403.882.3211.

Michael Simpson
Chief Administrative Officer

2018 Property Tax Non-Payment Penalty Notice

The County of Paintearth No. 18 property taxes were due June 30, 2018.  A 5.0% penalty was levied on tax balances outstanding, both current and arrears after June 30th.   A further 10% penalty will be applied to outstanding tax balances after September 30, 2018.

Payment can be made by cheque, cash, or debit at the County Administration Office located at #1 Crowfoot Crossing, Highway 12 and Twp. Road 374, at the TD Canada Trust in Coronation, or the ATB Financial branches located in Halkirk, Castor, or Coronation.  View financial institutions set up to accept on-line payments.

Michael Simpson, CAO