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Reeve’s Message

At the May 5 County Council meeting, the 2015 operational and capital budget was approved. The following are the major programs and projects approved for 2015:

Doctor Recruitment $100,000
Assessment Services $280,000
Contracted Fire Services $230,000
Road Stabilization MG 30 Projects $530,000
Divisional Road Grading $2,140,000
Bridge Projects $510,000
Gravel Program $3,240,000
Rural Water Line $460,000
Mowing Program $111,000
Vegetation Control Spraying Program $137,000
Recreation Contributions $300,000
Capital Purchases $3,426,850
Capital Depreciation $2,243,575

The County funds total depreciation for capital assets. New to this budget, the County will be funding a portion of the gravel aggregate depreciation, totaling $700,000. This allows a sustainable amount of cash to crush and secure gravel for the future.

As the County has become involved in providing rural water, Council has approved $150,000 to be allocated for these future projects.

There will be a staff member added to the organization, due to Occupational Health & Safety regulations and requirements.

The total expenditures for the County are $17,702,516. Of this, $14,702,610 is derived from property taxes, which includes a ten percent increase from 2014. The implications to the ratepayers are as follows:

1)    An average residential property with a moderate home will increase by $60
2)    An average residential property with two homes will increase by $130
3)    An average quarter section of agricultural land will increase by $25
4)    An industrial property assessed at $500,000 will increase by $625

The County endeavours to provide current, effective projects and services to our ratepayers.

The Annual County Ratepayer BBQ will be held June 17 from 4 - 7pm at Burma Park.  Please mark your calendars and plan to attend!

Please feel free to contact myself or CAO Tarolyn Peach at 403.882.3211 with any questions or to discuss further.

Kindest regards,

George Glazier, Reeve